Mission Outreach

At EFC-Philadelphia, we understand God’s mission agenda to include both local and global evangelistic endeavors that serve to introduce people to the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ.  These efforts are a fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission through proclaiming the gospel of Christ, making disciples, and gathering these disciples into viable, indigenous, and evangelizing local congregations within every people group, while relating to the needs of the whole person (spiritual, physical, emotional and social) (Mark 12:28-31; Matt 28:19-20; Acts 14:21-23; Rev. 5:9).

We count it a privilege to partner with organizations and individuals working at home and abroad to advance the Kingdom of God.  As a church, we support these efforts with our prayers, with our resources, and with our direct involvement in the work.


Presently, our church is involved in supporting the following mission organizations and projects:

  • Greater Philadelphia Mission Fellowship
  • Rev. Dr. Jim DiRaddo (Transition Dynamics Associates, teaching in South Asia and Africa)
  • Keon Tu (teaching at St. Joseph's Secondary School, Tari, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea)
  • EFC-GA Taiwan Summer Mission
  • David and Katie Brindley (Bridges International)
  • Chrisitine Tsai (Cru - Penn State)